Aries born on february 3 horoscope

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The Aquarius is under the planetary rulership of Uranus, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, you are also subject to the planetary influence of Mercury. The influence of Uranus, the planet of deviation, can be directly linked to your individuality, need for freedom and objectivity. In the same light, it is Mercury's mysterious power that is reflected in your masterful communication and mental agility.

Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you more intellectually focused than the other Aquarius Decans. Your mind is one of your greatest strengths, and subsequently, you have the ability to overpower your emotions in most situations. While this allows you to make thoughtful decisions, it may also lead to your ambition taking precedence over your emotional needs.

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Take time for yourself and try not to be dissatisfied when reality can not keep up with your active imagination. In love, find a partner that also values openness, as an honest relationship will bring you the most satisfaction. Finding the perfect career is perhaps life's greatest challenge, but luckily, your natural abilities will give you several career opportunities to chose from.

Scorpio Birthday Horoscope

Your unique perspective may be a welcome addition in the world of business, advertising, or promotion. Ego conflicts need to be avoided at this point, as they can lead to major disagreements. Lucky number 4.

You draw the right kind of support to achieve professional goals and financial targets. Personal relationships are loving and supportive, as you are committed and loyal.

Aries Symbol, Quality, Element, and Planet

Colour green. Beware of conceit in professional matters and over indulgence on social occasions. You participate in sport and vigorous activity as you are in good physical shape. Your lightness and sense of humour take you smoothly through complicated situations that could otherwise get heavy and serious. You can achieve professional goals and targets with a dynamic approach.

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  • Beware of over reactions and over indulgence in all areas. Lucky number Colour yellow. You come up with brilliant ideas and actualize them with cooperation from associates. You are not about to make compromises and that can cause some tension. Be gentle when expressing some bitter truths to people you care about, as they are too sensitive.

    February 3 Horoscope | Famous Birthdays

    Lucky number 6. Colour pastel. You mother and nurture people around you besides your own children. Professional success depends on integration and support, which is all available now. An older relative gives you the right counsel.


    Be diplomatic with competitors and creative in projects.