Chara dasha in jaimini astrology

I am not using char dasha in divisional that I do but not illustrating, also not going further than PD, whereas in reality I usually go till PD in it mainly focusing on MA-AD as it is just a hint of the life direction, as Rashi dasha shows life direction, for minute prediction with time frame always mix more than 2 dasha, to come at a conclusion, also no future prediction are being made. Abbreviations are being used be careful while reading. Event 1 — Divorce between mother and father on November Now see the event — Libra MD.

Lord of Libra is MK, Libra is 7th marak from 9th and 12th loss from 4th. In life of the native. Lord of Libra is in 8th from 4th and 3rd from 9th both bad houses and remember benefic in 3rd is not so good, and any planet in 8th is we all know destroyed. It is 3rd from Ascendant dasha sign is In bad house from ascendant, as lord of Libra is a benefic planet, its presence in 3rd and 6th will not be desirable.

Lord of Libra is in 12th from Ascendant lord. Taurus AD — 7th from 4th and 2nd from 9th both marak house, aspected by sun that is in Maran Karak Sthan, 8th and 5th lord Jupiter is in the AD sign, 8th is 12th from 9th and 5th is 2nd from 4th again marak, that Jupiter that is in AD sign that is depositor of Saturn and Mars.

Event 2 — minor accident at age 2. Virgo Md.

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MKS — Maran Karak Sthan, use of indu lagna will be dealt in another article, it is used to time first salary then automatically it will also indicate job, sun AK there in MKS shows troubled career. Sagittarius MD — it is 6th job house from Indu Lagna.

Angelina Jolie Jaimini Case Study - Chara Karakas and Dasas - Part 1

Event 4 — second job. Also this sign is aspected by AK. In navamsha they are in same sign. Only due to this reason this job was stable for some time till January , and then he left the job. Event 5 — left job.

And 3rd 6th from 10th difficulties in Job. And his bhaya rashi is in that much condition terrible. Also his lord is malefic that is retrograde aspected by another retrograde malefic a malefic retrograde aspected by another malefic is like living hell. And it have made all types of problem from him, also see the hell is in 5th house 9th from 9th and now see Event one Rahu that is in dasha rashi is aspected by Sun who is AK in MKS. Making a garahan yoga, eclipse to life, till august he was under the grahan that made his life hell.

Now he is in pisces dasha that can be expected to be good, as per job is concerned as it have AmK and AK is in 5th house from there but this AmK is aspected by Saturn a retrograde malefic and AK is in MKS, the blemish will be on until he gets a guru to guide his soul, as AK is in Pisces in D9 with lord of Pisces that is Jupiter, D9 is dhrama and Jupiter is guru, and 6th house is overcoming shad ripus, sign Pisces shows blessing of goddess saraswati that can be through knowledge or from upadesh, or by reading holy books.

Only Jupiter have the power to save him and as sun is in 6th house in D9 that is overcoming enemies weather internal or external, we can hope for good times. The Dasha rashi Aquarius is 12th from AmK, and 6th from AK and A10, and due to these reasons even after having its co-lord in Aquarius it was not good for career.

It have A6, that shows noticeable event related to 6th house that was loss of job signification of 10th house from a long time 1 year till now. Few non-life threatening accidents. Father had a almost fatal accident. In Cancer Dasha , AK was placed in the 3rd house. AK aspecting 6th, 9th,12th.

From preface Of a book ‘Chara Dasha of Jaimini’ by U K Jha – U K Jha( udyot kar jha)

Like this we can judge for every Dasha the main focus area for soul. Like Like. Karakamsha Lagna can be used like you use your birth lagna for predictions. Understanding Karakamsha Lagna is important.

How to Predict Using Jaimini Chara Dasha

We should confirm our judgement for any prediction through Karakamsha lagna as well. Even this is not an exception. Lovely article.. Expect more such articles from you..

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