February 5 horoscope sign taurus or taurus

Their purpose is to do the same for others, and they will often turn to Astrology or Numerology in the attempt to discover the language of symbolism they can relate to. As soon as they find enough compassion and tenderness in their heart, they absorb the strangest knowledge and information from the "upper spheres" and serve the rest of us as guidance towards enlightenment.

The story of February 5th isn't necessarily a love story in its primal manifestation. Usually these individuals think about emotions too much to just sink in, guided by common sense and their brilliant minds.

February 5th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

When they are stressed about relationships in their lives and have some difficult role models in their parents, they can be quite distant from the idea of love with another human being, and turn to idealism of one divine love for everyone, to support their humanitarian inner strivings. As time goes by and they slowly start to live the nature of a true Aquarius, they will open their hearts for the world bit by bit. In many cases, they meet someone when they get older or when they have already made vast changes in their lives that separate them from the family tree and the past they have been tied by.

Still, their greatest inspiration seems to be bound in the sense of freedom, and they need a partner to give them just that.

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A typical Aquarius representative, each person born on the 5th of February has a brain to support them in whatever they choose to do. They will excel as scientists, researchers, astrologers, pilots and engineers, and express well through spoken and written word. Learning through life and with the flow of it, they don't need much education to find use in everything they stumble upon. It is their wit and fast, curious mind that guides the way.

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If they discover their talents soon enough, their search for freedom will be much easier. Still, it is never too late for them to follow their inspiration. The stone of perfect color and characteristics for people born on the 5th of February is aquamarine. This is a crystal in strong connection with the throat chakra and Mercury, and it will help them express their true Self while still in touch with their divine purpose.

This stone resonates with the ocean and helps one connect with the nature spirits of the sea, and with it all waters influenced and seen through the Moon. People endure faithlessly, even though they are aware that people are evil, humble, and loving, they develop their humanity and altruism toward them. They have extremely complex temperament. They are turned all over the world in order to change it, create it and increase its quality, they can forget about themselves. Often totally disoriented, they know how to lose self-confidence so they become completely incomprehensible. Then people treat them as crazy, removing them from themselves and the world.

They are also inclined to put all things in their place even in those moments when this is considered to be the greatest sin. Their life is marked by periods of turbulent climbs, followed by dramatic falls.

If you met a person who was born in this period, you could easily see their need for adapting to the whole world, without accepting imposed positions, while personal freedom becomes the most precious in the world. All air signs Gemini, Libra love the party, so this sign also adds sociality, pleasantness and wit. They are not materialists and do not pay for material goods, but they hardly live without money. Money serves them for better spending and fun. They earn him, but they are quick to spend.

These are people who flee from monotony because the Uranus is pushing them to action, on the strangeness that is not unique to the rest of the world. As Uranus is an orthogonal planet, he gives the Aquarius a strange sensibility that is reflected in the unusual possibility of telling people the fate or, at the very least, to evaluate the character of a particular person. In the feelings they are full of contradictions.

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Often they are crazy, suddenly irritable, cheerful, always looking for something new and unexpected. Feelings are unusual, subtle, sophisticated, but not too deep. No break with a loved one can throw them out of the tracks of his own life. When they fall in love, the Aquariums usually talk about it all over the place. The person who has caught up with them can easily indulge in great romantic gestures and extraordinary charm.

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There is another, more restrained type of Aquarius, the dominant influence of the co-founder of Saturn, who is hiding in feelings and shows them only in exceptional circumstances. Even these Captains, when they relax, become entertaining and happy life enthusiasts in whose society they will never be bored. On the other hand, they seek tolerance, which is why everyone cannot be related to them.

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They need a partner who will not be burdened with jealous failures and who will allow them to have their social life without redundancy. Aquarius who is in a stable relationship with a non-sedentary partner will never fall into the trap to deceive a loved one. Sometimes they know how to act cold and selfish, and their partners often complain that they are focused on their needs. As long as you have the right resources, you will deliver on time. The natives of this zodiac sign born on February 5 are great dreamers.

You insist on the belief that there is always a solution to a problem. This gives you a tremendous amount of optimism and confidence. You have many positive traits.

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  7. However, if there is any one trait that would truly encapsulate all that is good about you, it would be your optimism. You always look at the glass as half full not because you prefer to look at things that way but you look at the amount of water inside as your necessary building block. The downside of February 5 Aquarius people is the fact they tend to attract people who are out to use them. These people are freeloaders. They would join your work group and take part of the credit without doing any real work. As annoying as this may be, this is actually more manageable and relatively benign compared to your lovelife.

    You tend to attract more than your fair share of users, abusers, and losers. Do yourself a favor and try to show these people your negative side from time to time. Try to show them that you can be a jerk or mean or unpleasant from time to time. This can go a long way in scaring people who would otherwise not hesitate to use and abuse you. Air is crucial for survival. Air is also all over the place.

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    Put all these factors together and you have the boundless quality of air which is reflected in your tremendous imagination, optimism, and ability to work through problems. Also, imagination, and creativity, is an absolute necessity to any organization or any venture. You can definitely bring a lot of this to the table. Uranus is your guiding planet. There is a sense of possibility and expansiveness with Uranus.

    Uranus is also distant and mysterious.