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Nothing deters you from your path, which you walk with pride and determination. As a friend and model Leo, you take me on the wildest, most exciting adventures. You listen to my troubles and have taught me to lead the life I want to live. You walk your path without remorse, and reach for what you want in life. You create your own destiny and bring others along with you for the wildest of rides.

Time and again you astound me! Just so you know As the quintessential Leo, y ou're a born guiding light to those enshrouded in darkness. Just by being yourself you bring hope, joy and courage to those that know you. A leader inspires, and you inspire me. A leader makes decisions with confidence as well as tact, and you have taught me to be both bold and smart. I respect you completely. Happy birthday to my 1 Leo! You are the iconic Leo You have an individuality that sparkles, catching the eye of those around you. I can't think anyone more deserving to be in the limelight than you, and not just today.

As a Leo, you are the greatest definition of the sign as you move through your life with determination, power and grace. You are true royalty. This is not just a testament to the Leo in you. This is a testament to you! You are Leo the Lion.

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You bring only light and the most joyful of memories. Learn about the sign of Leo now. As a Virgo, you have a sense of humor so sharp that it can even make a Capricorn laugh.

Happy birthday to my favorite Virgo! After the heat of summer and before the colors of fall is a time of green, cool breezes and utter comfort. That's you to a tee. As a Virgo, you hold the life of summer and the coolness of its ending. With you, I only feel comfort. Your dedication to your craft, your social life and to those that you love is without rival even in competition with other Virgos. Your attention to detail and your sense of duty are astounding. I always know I can count on you in good times and bad.

To my favorite Virgo, happy birthday! Whatever you do in life is done to perfection. As a Virgo, you only embody the positive qualities we mere mortals can only aspire to. You're the best of them in my books. You bring with you a sense of excellence wherever you go: the way you walk, the way you work and the way you dance through life's trials and tribulations.

Happy birthday to the world's greatest Virgo at the very least, the world of your friends and family! Even after my worst day, you can cheer me up in a way only a Virgo can. Thank you and happy birthday! As a Virgo, you take good care of those close to you. You make sure that their every need is met and, better yet, you love helping them.

You are such a great team player as well as a dedicated worker. Out of all my friends, you are the one I rely on most. I trust you and your limitless integrity.

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You are such a Virgo. Funny, witty and all around sharp. That's you. As a fellow Virgo, I must admit: you take the cake, even the birthday variety.

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You live your life with excellence, purpose and a serious resolve that is worthy of respect. When it comes to friendship, you are always there, no matter how small or large the trial or tribulation. As a Virgo, you are brilliantly humble, and that makes you shine more. You have a genuine interest in the world around you, and you are kind to it. Today we celebrate a kind, giving and all-around spectacular human being.

To you, to the best Virgo I know, I wish you a happy birthday! You're the only person, if not Virgo, who completely understands me. You listen, plus you give me advice and, more importantly, the strength to quell the worst of my concerns. Learn about the sign of Virgo now.

This is a wonderful day for me and a special day for you, my dearest Libra. Tonight, the stars are perfectly aligned for peace, balance, gentleness and true sharing, all the qualities you possess to the 10th degree. As a Libra through and through, you're don't hesitate for even a second to do almost anything to prevent conflict, keeping the peace whenever you can.

That's what makes you a special friend. Not everyone born under the sign of Libra are as careful as you are with family and friends, but you are. You make our world a truly beautiful place, filled with harmony, kindness and justice for all. My world wouldn't be anywhere as amazing without you in it. You're supportive, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded and so friendly.

This makes you an incredible Libra in my books and the world a better place. You're inspired by great books, discussions and people. In other words, you're great. It could be because you're an exceptional Libra. It's very likely due to the fact you're exceptional. By nature, you are caring, thoughtful, gracious and open-minded beyond compare. It's no surprise that you're the world's most amazing Libra. You're no ordinary Libra. You are a Libra who stands out from the many wonderful Libras in this world. That makes you the kindest, fairest and gentlest Libra I know and the best partner in happiness I will ever have in this lifetime.

Even if you weren't born under the sign of Libra, you would still be the kind, fair and gentle person I know ansd love.

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Because you're a Libra, you are the epitome of harmony and balance in any sea of extremes. Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to the world's greatest Libra, the gentlest, fairest and kindest sign of the zodiac! But I think you, your friends and your family already know this fact about you — and tell you every chance they get. Yes, you are that amazing. You want to keep the peace wherever you go, creating harmony and balance for yourself, your loved ones and, yes, even strangers.

To me, this makes you an inspiring role model for every Libra in the world. You're mine, for sure. When I read that Libras are driven to be peaceful, fair and balanced, always ready to lay down arms and make peace, I think of you. I think about all the times you've kept everything in perspective, just to maintain harmony and grace.

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I'm so glad that I live in your world. I'm born under the sun sign of [insert your zodiac sign], which has many great qualities, many I'm proud of, but I wish I was born a Libra like you, just so I can be a supportive, discreet , generous and open-minded friend to you. As ide from the fact that you are exactly that kind of friend to me, you deserve everything wonderful in this world.

You are a fountain of amazing energy in every area of your life! You are a strong, subtle voice for beautiful peace, much-needed harmony and unwavering justice. Today, not many people can navigate any place, any situation or any challenge with the confidence, clarity and grace you possess.

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May your birthday be as kind to you. You're the greatest example of any Libra I know. Your fascination with — and commitment to —all things peaceful and honorable make you an extraordinary individual, friend and partner. Your sense of balance, symmetry and fairness in the pursuit of justice and equality make you an outstanding Libra and an even greater citizen of the world heck, the universe.

You got what it takes to make everyone's island of calm a peaceful place to live and, even better, thrive.

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Out of all the people I know born under the sign of Libra, you're the kindest. That's why you have so many real friends and family. I cannot think of anyone who deserves all the love in the world.