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The present population of the world is around 7 billion people which means that about 3. This figure seems too big to digest and the fact that every second person is suffering from such a serious dosha also does not seem practical and reasonable because there is virtually no benefic yoga or malefic dosha in astrology which can be formed in every second horoscope.

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Yogas and doshas are comparatively rare phenomenon and they are not found present in every horoscope or every second horoscope. Hence it can be safely assumed that naga dosha or sarpa dosha is not formed according to its prevalent definitions and there should be more conditions which need to be met in order for the formation of this dosha in a horoscope. Like in case of many other doshas, the planets forming this dosha in a horoscope which means Rahu and Ketu should be working as malefic planets in a horoscope in order to form a naga dosha or sarpa dosha in the horoscope and both Rahu and Ketu should actively form this dosha in a horoscope as the presence of malefic Rahu and Ketu in some specific houses of the horoscope alone is not sufficient to form naga dosha or sarpa dosha in the horoscope.

The malefic effects of naga dosha or sarpa dosha can be rectified or reduced with the application of astrological remedies like Mantras, Yantras, Pujas, gemstones and some other remedies. By Himanshu Shangari.

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Get Your Premium Vedic Horoscope Report 70 pages beautifully designed and equipped with personalised astrological details, dosha reports, remedial measures, planetary profiles with predictions and much more. Please wait North Indian astrologers don't consider second house while evaluating Mangal Dosha while South Indian astrologers don't consider first house while evaluating Mangal Dosha in a birth horoscope.

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However, there is consensus that both houses should be considered while evaluating Mangal Dosha and Drik Panchang considers first as well as second house while evaluating Mangal Dosha. Many Kundalis have Mangal Dosha but in most of them Dosha is cancelled due to various combinations of Mars and other planets including state and house position of Mars and other planets in the horoscope.

If Mangal Dosha is present then all combinations which nullify it should be looked into. There are many rules which cancel Mangal Dosha.

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Drik Panchang considers the most widely accepted rules which cancel Mangal Dosha. Other links related to Kundali.

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