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Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius also stand to benefit greatly, as Jupiter teaches you new tricks, helping you grow through relationships and social interactions. Last but not least, Mercury will go retrograde three times in , in March, July and November. Mercury retrogrades in water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio , affecting those signs the most.

Take a time out to tap into your intuition and explore your imagination. You might also need to examine your emotional ties and your habitual thinking during those months. Mercury retrograde also dips into Leo in July, helping you tie up loose ends from the past couple of years of eclipses, especially if you are a Leo or Aquarius.

Love planets Mars and Venus are firing on all cylinders in , which is wonderful news for love for all star signs! Venus cannot wait to visit each and every zodiac sign in and bestow on each her lovely girdle. And she will even favour some signs twice! Are you born November to February? Mars will make you irresistible for six very special weeks in if you are born anywhere between late March and November! How does your love horoscope shape up for all you lonesome lovebirds of the zodiac?

Sagittarius, brings good news in love. Coupled up Sagittarians can plan to get married or raise the relationship to the next level. Jupiter in your house of true love helps you put the trials and tribulations of the past few years behind you and open your heart. Use this summer to put the past to bed and start afresh! The eclipses have arrived in your sign and you could meet someone who changes your life, decide to move in together with your sweetheart or even get married. If your relationship has been on the rocks for a while, you and your mate could decide to go your separate ways - but only then!

Virgo and Scorpio are two signs that could see a romantic dream come true this year! You have Neptune and Saturn to thank for that, showing you practical ways for finding happiness. Expect an interesting fresh start this March! Taurus might want to revisit an important relationship in November.

With Saturn and Jupiter - the two planets that rule success and money both on full strength, your instincts for when to take a risk and when to play it safe will be spot on.

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Jupiter brings amazing opportunities whilst Saturn ensures that you're not cutting any corners. Put the two together and is a fantastic year for making career progress! With earth energy so strong, it's time for all signs to take responsibility and not wait for others to hand you the perfect job, raise or promotion. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Sagittarius favours international projects, publishing, media, travel, teaching and the courts.

Libra Horoscope 2020

With your ruling planet Saturn in your sign, the world is your oyster! Nobody will be able to deny you a thing! Right on cue for the life-changing eclipses that arrive in your sign. Jupiter and Uranus bring you a lucky break on December 15 th and things start looking up.

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Virgo could also see some major career progress this year. If you decide to take a chance on yourself and bring your unique gifts to the world, you will have many an opportunity to shine, especially from December onwards! Next up are Leo, Sagittarius and Aries with lucky Jupiter on their side! For you, this is a great time to take a risk and try something slightly outside your comfort zone.

You could do your own start up, publish your work or get into show-business or other entrepreneurial projects. Strike a partnership! Or perhaps you could join an agency or club? Libra can expect a new start on the career front in July. Taurus, is a wild card for you. So make the decision Taurus! Embrace the future and you could become the next sensation. Maximise your chances of a great year career-wise, by getting your Personal Career Analysis Reading, here!

With so many planets in earth, money is at the forefront of your mind. The cosmic bottleneck in Capricorn urges you to take a realistic look at your finances and come up with a long term plan…but Uranus has plans of its own! If reality sucks, be open up to new ideas. The whole world is in the process of reinventing itself, financially, and so could you! Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn are here to teach you about expansion and contraction, i. Saturn urges you to stay conservative whilst Jupiter wants you to branch out. This could result in some growth and expansion but there's no room for complacency.

No less because Jupiter will enter Capricorn on December, when only real growth will prove to be sustainable. But you will have to watch your expenses and be cautious around financial speculation, where Neptune muddies the waters. Trust in your environment to set some conservative safeguards so you can take full advantage of your money-making window!

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Take this opportunity to plan for the long term and build a solid financial future. Aries and Libra could go wild in , financially speaking. Expect money from unusual sources. Libra, try the lottery!

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Leo needs to be careful around financial speculation in Better yet, think more long term and reinvent yourself from within. Cancer and Capricorn can expect a fresh financial start this year, especially after July Have a look at the most important astrological events of listed by topic! For a more detailed picture, scroll down to look at what happens astrologically in month by month. Jupiter square Neptune 13 Jan, 16 June, 21 Sep. Saturn sextile Neptune 31 Jan, 18 June, 9 November. Jupiter Retrograde 10 April - 11 August. Uranus Retrograde 12 th August - January Uranus starts the year backward and goes direct January 6 th The Libra horoscope encourages you to follow traditional practices in Conservative approach to life firm grip on the line of habit will bring you feeling of greater safety and peace.

Metaphorically speaking the year is a kind of a large spoon, with which you can take full bites. However, what about the menu? Horoscope reveals that it is primarily up to you. Libra will act as chef. Whether you want to swallow hemlock, semolina porridge or a strong soup … all that is the free choice of Libra. Libra quite often suffer from the impression that you are only a poor piece on the chessboard, where the game is decided by a mighty counter-player.

But offers a change in this attitude. Try to approach life more actively and see how much you can influence reality yourself. Libra, You are not just a passenger in your life, you are a driver with a steering wheel and pedals in front of you! The best potential of the whole is waiting for Libra during the summer months. At the beginning, and at the end of the year, you should be more cautious about possible slipping into the deficit. Whether in areas of personal energy and sleep, or finance, debt and buying on credit.

The horoscope says that the summer months will figuratively represent a very nutritious whole milk, while the beginning and end of the year will be rather plain water, which will refresh you enough but will not add new energy. Thus if you are planning a demanding business, wedding or a long trip, now you know when the stars will offer a favourable constellation to Libra.

In for people born under Libra love will be full of important key moments. According to the horoscope, Libra will definitely favour society and company over itself and being alone. Did you felt shyness last year, forget it this year.