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Your are naturally radiant and your presence is very dominating. You like to take matters in to your own hands, you like seeing self as a leader, and it is after all your natural being. Your fierce and resilient approach to life is probably a result of childhood hardships or experiences. But even with lack of maybe emotional approach in your childhood, you managed to keep your brilliantly artistic and creative mind.

It is a long journey for you to find the right career path for yourself. It sometimes gets to you and you react quite rebelliously. But it is important to stay true to your natural tendency to lead and inspire, as that is a much faster and clearer path to what you desire for yourself. Do not try and fit in, be yourself.

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Your dominant presence and ability to lead can sometimes be your down spiral, especially when you tend to do everything as you want, not allowing people to have a say. But knowing that it can be avoided if you learn to listen and use the advice people give you, can create a powerful leader out of you. Remember the most wise and powerful leaders seek the advice of their people.

February 20 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Later on in life as you become more self-aware you tend to relax a bit more and become more adventurous. But make sure you never loose your sensitivity and ability to stay true to yourself, as your true creativity and ability to inspire people is born right out of that sensitivity. Do not put walls up to high in order to keep people out of your world. Your dreams are big and great and once you learn to be yourself and listen to your desires and respect your own ideas, there is very little that can stand in your way.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, people see you as this strong leading role with head firmly on your shoulders and as extremely knowledgable and inspirational person, who shines light with leading as example and respecting own judgment.

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How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

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